Cloud resources

Create fast, scalable server instances in minutes and use our intuitive apps and dashboards to manage every aspect

Instant cloud resources

Cloudrack cloud resources offer the ultimate multi-tenant experience, enjoying the same class-leading performance and stability features as all of other cloud services.

From the Cloudrack self-serve platform, customers can effortlessly control every aspect of their cloud; build and scale, restart and reimage, add storage and backup existing data, add firewalls and IPs…the list goes on.

Enterprise Level Cloud

Our clouds are built from the ground up to be fully redundant. Every global cloud enjoys dual uplinks and power feeds, a highly-available private network and off-cloud backup storage arrays.

Ultra Fast Storage

Best-in-class datacenter SSDs comprise all of Cloudrack’s global cloud storage, providing world-class performance and reliability.

High-speed CPUs and RAM

We only use server-grade Intel Xeon processors and performance memory in our clouds, meaning Cloudrack can ensure stable, class-leading performance with no CPU bottlenecks or throttles.

Total flexibility

Effortlessly scale your cloud capacity up and down, receive credit for unused resources and use it to scale back up when required.

Private LAN

Create a private LAN network for your Fast VPS Instances in one click and enjoy unlimited internal traffic speeds of up to 20Gbit!

Secure Servers

Security is paramount and Cloudrack works with industry-leading security software to ensure all systems are well protected.


Private Gigabit LAN between servers & NAS storage at no additional cost.

Rescue Console

Permanent HTML5 KVM Console for all servers for out of bounds admin, as well as Recovery Mode.

NAS Storage

For archive, backup and low cost media storage, NFS and CFS mounted NAS storage is available to all servers.


Take snapshots on demand, on a daily, weekly or monthly auto-schedule basis.


Every server you build includes a comprehensive and powerful platform based firewall. Offload firewalling to our cloud.

AnyCast DNS

Let our free 14 node Global AnyCast DNS platform accelerate your site and relieve you of DNS concerns.

Experience true high-speed cloud – build, deploy, and manage with Cloudrack

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