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What is Cloudrack?

What is Cloudrack?

Cloudrack is simply your server on the cloud. It’s everything you need to run your business and systems, whether for web hosting, development environments, database, File storage, or any number of uses. It can do away with the small tower server sat in the corner of your office, or even the server room taking up an entire floor of your building.

Virtual servers from Cloudrack are instantly scalable and endlessly flexible. When you buy a physical server, not only do you have to pay a large sum upfront, that server has a maximum storage capacity and processing output. If you need more server space because you’re now running more systems through your server, you’d have to purchase an additional server and connect the two. With Cloudrack solutions, you can upscale or downscale at any time, without penalty, and have clear oversight on exactly what resources you’re using and how much you’ll be paying each month.

Why Cloudrack?

With Cloudrack, you buy the size you actually need, and if your business grows and you need more space, you simply purchase more resources to match. Similarly, if you only needed a server temporarily, or have reduced your size, you can downgrade your server to a smaller resource to keep your costs low.

So, the offering and system are the same, but you benefit from having an online version which comes with a swathe of additional benefits. As a cloud offering, you receive free 24/7/365 support to maintain and optimise your server. This means your server is constantly working at optimum capability and doesn’t start to slow down or fail to meet the new demands it faces. As well as being a cloud service, you also avoid the costly payments if your server is to fail and you need to purchase a brand-new server. Which can take significant time and resource to have set up and to get running again.

What servers are available?

There are three main types of Cloudrack servers, which are all similar in what they can do, but offer different advantages depending on your type of business or specific requirements.

Cloud resource pooling is a scalable way of purchasing the services you need and assigning them to the virtual machines you have. Resource pool self-serve platforms give you complete control over what resources you need. The resources required are then pooled into virtual machines to be assigned to a user. These resources can be amended or destroyed and re-deployed as and when you see fit, for complete flexibility of your cloud.

VPS stands for Virtual Private Servers, which is a hosting service that uses private resources on a server with multiple users. A VPS offers complete control, as it’s separated from other enterprises or users making it 100% private, but also simulates a physical server while being hosted virtually. VPS gives the same level of access as if you had a dedicated server in house, but at a much lower cost, with no maintenance fees.

Hybrid cloud servers use a combination of public and private cloud. Giving you the functionality and capabilities of a public cloud for easy scalability, with the security and control of a dedicated, private cloud server, just like a physical hardware piece. The combination of these two cloud environments offers greater efficiency as you have the benefits of both working in your favour.

It can be difficult to know exactly what resources you need. Download our brochure to see which of the Cloudrack solutions is the best for you and your business.

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