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Why Cloudrack is challenging the big names in cloud: Aidan McCarron

I am really excited about my new role leading Cloudrack, the cloud solutions company that is throwing down the gauntlet to the large cloud providers.

People have asked why these big names need to be challenged, and what precisely we are doing that is so different. So I thought I’d explain.


  1. Cloudrack meets the needs of poorly served UK businesses

UK businesses have been poorly served by the larger cloud providers for years. Month end billing has been complex and opaque, with multiple charges for usage. Any change in hardware configuration has meant upgrading to the next package up, at greater cost. This has to change.


  1. Cloudrack has flexibility at its very core

Everything we do is bundled. In contrast to the big names, our users pay a single, fixed price; they are not tied into contracts; and they can upscale or downscale whenever they need to. All while enjoying absolute clarity on what they’ll be billed at the end of the month.


  1. Cloudrack provides enterprise-level tech – for all

Unlike most providers, we provide enterprise level hardware as standard for every customer – including 100% SSD storage, the latest Intel V4 processors and fully redundant backups. Every customer has access to a comprehensive suite of dashboards and tools to manage their solutions effectively, and only pay for what they use.


  1. Cloudrack offers truly responsive world-class support

The support team based at our London HQ is on-hand 24/7/365 to assist with technical issues or even to manage full systems for resource and time-strapped IT teams. We aim to provide online support within 30 seconds and a phone call within 15 minutes of a service ticket being opened.


  1. Cloudrack puts its money where its mouth is

Everyone talks about uptime, but Cloudrack is the only provider to offer a ‘1,000%’ SLA. This will refund customers ten times the value of their pro-rated rate in credit in the unlikely event that Cloudrack fails to uphold its 100% uptime guarantee. So, if a user experiences twenty minutes of downtime, we will refund them 200 minutes at the rate they are paying.


Our challenge to the big cloud providers who have poorly served UK businesses is backed up by our commitment to users.

We promise to beat the price of any other provider. In fact, we are so confident of the service we provide that we are offering new and existing customers alike three free months during these challenging times. New users can also get a lifetime discount of 30% on all products for a limited time.

A lot is talked about market disruption, and the role of challenger brands. But for me, it’s simple. It’s about listening to and meeting customer needs. It’s why I am so excited about what we are doing at Cloudrack.

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