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Aidan McCarron joins Cloudrack to lead expansion

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Ex-Dediserve founder, Aidan McCarron, joins Cloudrack to lead ambitious expansion programme

Following a successful year in private beta, Cloudrack is making its powerful, flexible and overall more empowering cloud solutions available to UK businesses that have so far been neglected by the market leaders.

Aidan McCarron, ex-founder and Managing Director of Dediserve, will lead Cloudrack in its next phase of growth, with the platform offering better all-round service, backed by a unique ‘1000%’ SLA, and featuring Enterprise grade hardware for every customer as standard.

McCarron said: “I’m delighted to be coming aboard such an ambitious company at such an important time in their development, and to help lead their next phase of growth into international markets.”

With a state-of-the-art data centre located in West London, Cloudrack has raised £2 million from private investors to fund the opening of locations in Dublin, Amsterdam, New York and Los Angeles.

The expansion of Cloudrack’s service comes at a time when UK businesses are increasingly focused on resilience and are looking for robust and reliable cloud solutions. Meanwhile, the digital transformation that many firms have been making will only accelerate following the COVID-19 pandemic and this is expected to drive even more business processes to the cloud.

McCarron brings a wealth of experience to Cloudrack, having led Dediserve to becoming one of Europe’s largest IAAS providers, with cloud platforms in 18 locations across the world. In addition, he previously served as General Manager of, Ireland’s largest shared hosting and domain provider.

“Whether you’re looking to improve your current cloud presence or move new processes to the cloud, it’s vital you get it right”, said McCarron. “Cloudrack delivers the simplest, most frustration-free experience for its customers by empowering users to manage and deploy resources as they see fit, upscale or downscale when they need to, and enjoy absolute clarity on what they’ll be billed at the end of the month.”

The Cloudrack product suite, which includes public cloud resource pools, dedicated VPS and hybrid platforms, beat the performance of market leaders in a range of benchmark tests. It also offers a 15-minute response time and a unique ‘1000%’ SLA, which promises customers ten times the value of their pro-rated rate in credit in the unlikely event that Cloudrack fails to uphold its 100% uptime guarantee.

Cloudrack cloud resource plans are available from as little as £12.95 per month and new customers are being offered a lifetime discount of 30% on all products for a limited time.

Get started with your Cloudrack plan now, or get in touch to find out more about our big expansion plans.

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