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5 Real Reasons to Migrate to the Cloud

Moving your business to the cloud can be daunting; going from physical hardware to your documents, software and platforms all hosted on the cloud. But there are plenty of benefits for your business.

We’ve recently commissioned some data to find out more about the cloud landscape and found a massive 88% of UK companies use a cloud service. Up 83% from just over 10 years ago! But why are companies moving to the cloud, and how could it benefit your business? 

Why migrate to the cloud? Here's five real reasons:

1. Improved speed of IT service delivery

65% of companies migrate to the cloud in order to improve the speed of IT service delivery.

Utilising the cloud, you’re automating a lot of processes you’d normally have to manually carry out, such as backups and configurations. You’re less reliant on internal IT resource, as there’s no need for backups or security plans with cloud servers. Processes can be carried out in minutes and technology cloud improvements mean your business is constantly innovating and adapting without having to pay for new software.

2. Lower total cost of ownership

54% of companies wanted to lower the total cost of ownership.

With a cloud server, you’re paying for the services you need from a whole host of infrastructure and technology. You benefit from highly specialised services at a fraction of the cost of paying for the hardware and maintaining your own server. But still benefitting from a secure, private cloud, even on a public cloud service.

3. Greater flexibility to react to market changes

40% of companies wanted greater flexibility to react to market changes.

Cloud servers offer scalability and flexibility not available in physical servers. You can scale up and down your services as and when you need them. Cloudrack has no contract, so you can add or remove services and pay for only what you’re actually using. This gives you total flexibility when reacting to situations where you instantly need to change your virtual machines. New services can be deployed in moments.

4. Outsource IT functions that don’t create competitive differentiation

22% of companies migrated to the cloud to outsource IT functions that don’t create competitive differentiation.

If your server is holding you back and not creating differentiation to your business, it’s not worth your time and effort maintaining. Outsourcing your server to the cloud frees up a lot of IT resource that can be used to improve processes, innovate systems and advance your business. Leaving the monotonous tasks can be dealt with by the cloud.

5. Increase competitiveness

17% of companies wanted to increase their competitiveness using the cloud.

Companies that operate on the cloud hold a competitive edge over businesses using local or physical servers. A cloud server offers your business better opportunities to re-invent your customer relationships; by taking insights and deriving data, cloud platforms can make evidence-based decisions on what is best suited to your customers’ needs based on their behaviour and previous actions.

Seeing real benefits

With this data, we can understand the real reasons why so many businesses have migrated to the cloud.

If you’d like to see our full report, visit our Cloud Landscape page. We’ve compiled all of the most important information there.

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