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ownCloud is a cloud file sharing platform, and at Cloudrack, you can add an ownCloud server to your cloud resources. Helping you to increase your business’ productively, by allowing your team to work cohesively through one tool, no matter where they’re based. For real-time teamwork in secure cloud environments, integrate ownCloud into your workplace!

Power-up your cloud

Completely customise your cloud storage solution with the intuitive, bolt-on storage and sharing platform. Taking your cloud resources even further, starting at £39.95 a month. Including:

  • 200 GB of SSD storage
  • 200 GB of NAS backup storage
  • 3 GB of RAM
  • 4 Intel Xeon CPUs

Why choose ownCloud


Share relevant data with the right departments by creating customer groups. Also, give your external visitors or contacts a secure file share link with passwords and expiry dates to keep data safe. Even share documents straight through your phone.


Collaborate with your colleagues by commenting on files directly, see where they are and edit together. No matter your team’s locations, ownCloud goes with you for easy sharing, collaborating and editing on the go, at home or on-site.


You can design, take notes, personalise and colour coordinate all of your files, live. Add your own customisation to the platform too, making your files more personal. Write content offline on the app, automatically syncing to your online folders.


Secure your documents to keep them safe with classification tags, comprehensive encryption services and file archiving. Additional security through multi-factor authentication and ransomware protection ensure everything is kept secure.

Power-up your cloud today and discover more about ownCloud here or start deploying.

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