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Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud

Private, Public or Hybrid

When deciding to move your business to the cloud, you’ll quickly notice how many types of servers there are. Cloud servers fit into three main categories: public, private and hybrid.

At Cloudrack, we offer all three categories of cloud servers. The best one to choose comes down to your business and what you’ll be using your cloud services for.

We’ve broken down the benefits of each one, so you can see which one would suit your business more.


A private cloud server comprises resources that can only be used by one person or business. Whether the server is on-site or hosted by a third-party provider, a private network maintains your services and protects your data.

Benefits of a private cloud:

Flexibility – as the network is completely private and no one else can use your resources, you can be as flexible as your business needs! Simply add cloud resources when you need them.

Availability – private networks guarantee resource availability. Maintaining the server on a private network, and serving only one business means it’s always available.

Control & security – dedicated to just one business, private servers offer higher levels of control. Also giving the cloud server stronger security.


Public cloud servers are the most common. The cloud resources run on a public third-party cloud service provider. All of the hardware, software and infrastructure is shared with other companies through cloud ‘tenants’ and is managed through the web.

Benefits of public cloud:

Cost – your business doesn’t need to purchase any hardware or software, and you only pay for the services you actually use.

Maintenance – your service provider provides all the maintenance and support for your cloud server, as they own the hardware and software.

Easy to set up – public cloud servers are easy to set up and deployed within minutes. You don’t need to be an IT whiz or have any IT resource.


A hybrid cloud server is a mix and match of the best parts from public and private cloud servers. Combining the on-premises infrastructure of private clouds with public cloud software. Hybrid cloud offers the scalability and ease of use from the public cloud but gives the added security and control from the private cloud.

Benefits of a hybrid cloud:

Cost-effectiveness – Hybrid clouds offer significant savings over an entirely private cloud, as the software is public and owned by your service provider.

Scalability – with the total control of dedicated physical hardware, and public cloud infrastructure, you can scale your resources quickly and easily.

Agility – combining public and private clouds gives your business the ability to change and adapt depending on your business needs.

Once you’ve decided which category of cloud server is best suited to your business, the options and resources available are endless.

At Cloudrack, we can help you build your perfect cloud resources on our cloud configurator.

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